My name is Melissa R. Mendelson. I am an Administrative Assistant for the State of New York. During the evenings, but mostly on the weekends, I work on a multitude of projects including writing short stories and poetry. For 2022, I had a list of projects that I wanted to accomplish, but two projects have rolled into 2023. One completed 2022 project was the release of my poetry book, This Will Remain With Us from Wild Ink Publishing.

For 2023, I will be revamping my self-published books on Amazon/Amazon Kindle. A lot of them will be removed. The ones that stay will be professionally edited and may have a book cover created for them.

I am grateful to Medium for providing me this space to be creative in, and I aim to post new writing here monthly, if not bi-weekly.

Thank You. Please follow me for new stories, poetry, and other forms of writing.

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